About Us

Optometrist developed to give a safe and healthier solution for eye makeup without sacrificing pigmentation and luxury. 
Designed by a board certified optometrist, Eye Appeal Cosmetics was created to enhance your natural beauty, while focusing on maintaining a healthy environment for your eyes. Our collection of vegan, cruelty free products are built on the premise that your eyes and skin deserve to look and feel beautiful. At Eye Appeal Cosmetics, we believe you shouldn’t have to pick between your health and beauty, you deserve the best of both.
Our Mission:

The Eye Appeal Cosmetics was designed to give you the perfect combination of beauty and eye health. We put the health of your skin and eyes at the forefront, using clean, vegan, hypoallergenic ingredients.

Our Core Values:

Beauty- Enhancing your natural beauty 

Health- Prioritizing the health and sensitivity of  eyes and skin 

Expertise- Our collection was developed and created by a board certified optometrist

What’s next?
Eye Appeal Cosmetics will be a large scale, E-commerce company, that leaves a positive mark in the industry. Eventually expanding beyond eye makeup, to a full range of products, including foundation, eye cream, eyebrow and lash serums, makeup removal, each product will provide the customer with a luxurious, spa-like experience in the comfort of their own home.

Welcome to Eye Appeal Cosmetics, we are so happy to see you!